Friday, February 5, 2010

BIG changes are coming!

Hello world!

I'm very excited to let everyone know that Hampton Morrow Photography is currently undergoing a little 'nip-tuck' makeover. As an artist, the business aspect of the company is always stressful and, to be honest, no fun!

After taking a business seminar hosted by the fabulous Stacy Reeves of Stacy Reeves Photography I left feeling rejuvinated, confident, and ready for some positive changes.

Get ready for a fresh and elegant new look for Hampton Morrow Photography. I'm hoping all of our changes will be ready to launch by the end of this month.

I look forward to all of the exciting adventures we have planned for 2010!

Also, we were selected to receive the Bride's Choice Awards, and I am unbelievably grateful for all of my amazing clients!


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Valentine's Day Boudoir Session!

It's that time of year... If you are a romantic, Valentine's day is filled with the smell of roses, chocolate and candle flames. And if you are like me, you think "what the heck do I get HIM?!"

Look no further and set up a Boudoir Session! You see, the beauty of this gift is the fact that this is gift YEAR ROUND!... Here's why:
- It can't be eaten (although I have heard of some men drooling on the pages)
- Who needs a Holiday to look back at beautiful photos, enjoy it any day or every day!
- Need a little 'pick-me-up?' Look at your boudoir photos and pat yourself on the back, you hottie!
- Well... The rest of the reasons would make this post a little bit too R rated, so I will let you think of your own great reasons why a boudoir session is the best gift! ;)

Call Stefanie today to go over ideas and themes!! Photos may be taken in the studio, your own home, or at a location of your choice. Session comes with a one hour time slot, unlimited outfit changes, (1)8x10 and (1) 5x7 enlargement.

please note, some locations may charge a fee that you will be responsible for.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Samantha - Bridal

WOW. I can't even begin to describe how beautiful Samantha is. Both inside and out. She is funny, calm and downright cool. I felt lucky to be by her side as motorcyclists whistled at her walking down the street and girls looked at her in awe in that killer dress!

We ventured to the Fort Worth Stockyards to shoot her bridal session. It was the best day we could have had to shoot. Yup, middle of December and it was almost 65 degrees. Oh Texas, how I love you and your strange weather patterns! Thanks so much to Samantha's mom, Helen and her sister Diane for the tremendous help!

We shot her wedding this weekend, so it's time to post these photos for the world to see!!!

Laurie and David - Wedding

Congratulations to Laurie and David! They were married with a modern vibe at the W December 19, 2009. It was our last wedding of the year, and it was a great close to the 2009 Chapter.

Here are some highlights and favorites of the evening:

Laurie and David announced the name of their first son (Dax) during the wedding ceremony. What a special moment!

first dance

The cake gets thumbs up!
the COOL view!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Myrna and Jorge - Wedding

Myrna and Jorge are the couple that you can just feel their love. While we did their engagement session it was incredible at how their adoration for one another just oozed from every ounce of their body. When they kissed, I swear little fireworks went off around them!

... And there were millions of those fireworks booming during their wedding. Even though their ceremony was in Spanish and I only picked up bits and pieces, the energy and emotion was palpable. They were married November 14, 2009 (sorry about being a bad blogger and posting these so late!)...

Myrna and Jorge, I adore you two!!! I can't wait for all the fun chapters in your lives together. You two really are the epitome of TRUE LOVE!

Here are some of the highlights from their big day:

I really enjoy capturing these touching looks and moments:

First kiss

I really liked the movement and angle Ben got of their procession down the aisle

Now, it was pitch black - I'm talking can't see 20 feet in front of you! Ben and I set up 3 flashes and illuminated this beautiful wedding party :)

Brides and Grooms - if you want a truly unique DJ you really need to check out the violin guy!

Bacardi groom's cake!... That should give you an idea on how cool this couple is!

Now, I love this ring shot - but it kinda reminds me of deviled eggs?!

This is what I'm talking about ... Doesn't their love just radiate?!!!!

Now it's time to GET DOWN!

Okay... Note to groomsmen... Make sure you CATCH the groom on the way down! Jorge almost hit the floor - PARTY FOUL to the guys!!!!!

YAY! I LOVE it when my bride and grooms asks US to be in a photo with them! :D

A beautiful bride and her beautiful portrait!